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The #GlashütteOriginal “Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date,” features an entirely new chronograph movement, and is the latest in the vintage-inspired Glashütte Original Seventies collection. #Glasshutte #horology #chronograph #instawatch #luxurywatch #luxurywatches #germanwatch #germanwatches #wristporn. Via Instagram:

中判デジタル一眼レフ PENTAX 645Z 発表、有効約5140万画素CMOSセンサーで最高感度はISO 204800
Munenori Taniguchi,

リコーイメージングが中判デジタル一眼レフカメラの新製品 PENTAX 645Z を発表しました。CP+ 2014に参考出品していた「PENTAX 645D 2014」の製品版で、現行 645D で採用していた有効約4000万画素 CCD センサーを改め、有効約5140万画素、最高感度 ISO 204800 の CMOS センサーを搭載しています。

35mm 判の1.7倍というサイズ43.8 x 32.8mm の撮像素子は、新開発となる有効5140万画素の CMOS…

Munenori Taniguchi,

エレコムが、デュアルアンプを搭載する Bluetoothレシーバーの単体製品 LBT-PAR500AVと、ヘッドホン付属の LBT-PHP500AV を発表しました。両機ともレシーバー部は共通で、100mW x 2 のヘッドホンアンプを搭載。Bluetooth 用の電波を発する RF…

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Lexus Design Award 2014 Winners
Nanette Wong,

The 12 winners of the second Lexus Design Awards were recently announced, just in time for Milan Design Week 2014. The winners will be showing their conceptual works throughout, where curiosity was the theme, and two of them are receiving up to fi…

Chanel x Monster Headphones | New Images

Following last month’s teaser images featuring the dynamic — if incongruous — duo of Swizz Beatz and Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel x Monster Headphones are depicted here in straightforward fashion, revealed alongside a matching carrying case. In keep…

BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT Introduces Titanium Coating in Heritage Cocoa Color Option

Synonymous with its famous matte black finish, George Bamford and his associates at BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT recently came up with an interesting proposition. The result was the new Heritage Cocoa coating color. No different than any other of its…

Kanpai! The Five Best 12 Year Old Japanese Whiskies

Last week hummus and yoga were “in”, and while they’re not out yet, there’s a new top dog in Popularville: Japanese Whisky. Notice the spelling — that’s whisky with a -y, like Scotch whisky, not whiskey with an -ey, the spelling used for U.S. and…

10 Best Espresso Machines & Buying Guide

So you want an espres­so machine. Here’s every­thing you need to know & a list of the best bets on the mar­ket in GP’s 10 Best Espres­so Machines & Buy­ing Guide

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